Roofing isn't as glamourous as you all believe

So, where do I begin. 

My name is Angus. Although not your typical English name, I am from Suffolk, although my parents originally came from a small village in the north of the highlands.


I look after the roofing company based in Ipswich known imaginatively as "Ipswich Roofer", no prizes for guessing how I can up with the gem of a name. Sorry to say my creativity with company names is about as exciting as my ability to write blog posts. 

For some time I've been looking to take my tired hands away from the tile rippers and slate hammers and move onto something a bit less physically demanding, I'm not getting any younger and the winters sure aren't getting any drier in sunny Suffolk. 

So, here in lies my master plan. I decided I was going to run a roofing training programme. A school for roofers, if you will. It was penned to start in 2020, but due to Covid, that went down the pan. Now with a fresh year and a vaccine, my hopes for 2021 being the year of roofing school are high. 

The company is being taken care of by my fine team of guys, seeing to the day to day roofing task, such as the roofing repairs and replacements, which leaves me free to waffle nonsense to anyone on the internet. I've decided to start these blogs as a test of my writing ability more than anything. I'm literally just typing down my immediate thoughts to see how the translate to paper (webpage). So if you're still here, reading this, I congratulate you in persevering and also wonder, haven't you get anything better to be doing?

Anyway, please check in from time to time to see what other absolute drivvle I've been rambling on about and see if my writing ability has become any more coherent.. Probably not though. If you actually want to contact me, for some reason, perhaps you're interested in becoming a roofer and would like to experience "a day in the life", please feel free to contact me via the following, one of my guys will be able to put you in touch. 

Ipswich Roofer

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